Brazilian Butt Lift

A fuller rounded derriere is a highly desirable look and therefore surgery to achieve this look is becoming increasing popular. Brazilian butt lift (BBL) operation increases the size of the butt and enhances the appearance of the buttocks by inserting butt implants, fat injection or in some cases combining both. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can improve the proportions of the entire lower body with Brazilian butt lift surgery, helping a patient lose fat in common “problem areas” and enhance the buttocks, with results lasting many years. If you feel that your buttocks are flat or don’t match the contours of the rest of your body, or if your skin in that area is excessively loose and flabby and exercise and dieting have been unable to correct the problem, you are likely a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

The procedure is usually performed under anesthesia, but in procedures where a smaller volume of fat is transferred, it may be done with only local anesthesia. You may ask for an anti-nausea medication beforehand, especially if anesthesia makes you sick.It is essential to provide details to your doctor about your medical history, a list of all medication you currently take and information regarding your tobacco and alcohol use before the operation.

A BBL starts with liposuction, where a surgeon will suck fat out of areas in the body then process and re-inject it into the buttocks and hips. The areas of planned and the outline of planned fat grafting are marked before surgery. Once the patient is positioned on the operating room table face-down and under anesthesia, the liposuction is performed in the desired areas and the fat is collected in a specialized system that separates live fat cells from liposuction fluid. That fat is then injected in the marked areas of the butt. Surgeons can sometimes graft fat into the thighs or hips, depending on what body shape the patient wants. The procedure requires a few very small incisions that sutured closed at the end.

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Pre-Op Instructions

  • Do not take certain medications as it might interfere with normal blood clotting.
  • Please discontinue all herbal medications as many have side effects that could complicate a surgical procedure by inhibiting blood clotting, affecting blood pressure, or interfering with anesthetics.
  • Please discontinue all diet pills whether prescription, over-the-counter or herbal as many will interfere with anesthesia and can cause cardiovascular concerns.
  • Do not take high doses of vitamin E, but a multiple vitamin that contains E is just fine.
  • No smoking because nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin and can cause significant complications during healing.
  • You may take Tylenol or generic forms of this drug. These do not interfere with blood clotting or healing.
  • Start taking a multivitamin each day and continue taking through your recovery. The healthier you are, the quicker your recovery will be.
  • Avoid any type of sunburn or suntan for 4 weeks prior to BBL treatments. Treatment of tanned skin can increase the risk of blistering and/or permanent skin discoloration. Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided for 4-weeks before and after treatments.
  • Do not use any self-tanning lotions at least one month prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue the use ofcertain medications at least one week prior to treatment, as they may cause photosensitivity.

Post-Op Instructions

  • Limit sitting on the transferred fat for 2-3 weeks post-surgery.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • Sleeping position should be either on your side or stomach, you can try to prop yourself up with pillows to avoid pressure on the fat transferred area.
  • Wear your conforming garment at all times, to reduce swelling and support the contour of the area treated.
  • The dressing is to remain dry and in place until I see you for your first post-operative visit. You can take a sponge bath.
  • You can have a regular diet.
  • No driving until discussed with your doctor.
  • Take all medications as prescribed.
  • Pain, bruising, and mild swelling are normal and expected after surgery.
  • You may shower after the first office dressing change, and gently wash directly over the abdomen.
  • Wear your conforming garment at all times for the first 6 weeks. The garment may be removed for showering, and for washing.
  • Normal activities may be resumed as tolerated by 6 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid tanning over healing incisions.
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