Ata Sağlık Hastanesi

Ata Sağlık Hastanesi

Contracted Institution

Private Ata Sağlık Hospital is high quality hospital in Izmir that is equipped with the cutting edge technology of the health care world. The main goal of the hospital is to be a pioneering in innovation and exemplary hospital, always different in health service delivery, as following international standards, method practices.

By prioritizing health first, using the possibilities of modern medicine with advanced technology and modern configurations, providing high quality healthcare with personal attention to details, experience and increasing the life quality without compromising ethics and values.

Technological equipments are used with maximum efficiency in order to strengthen the patient – doctor dialogue, to accelerate the diagnosis of diseases and to achieve the most efficient treatment.

This journey that started as Ata Eye and today it has become a general hospital that provides full-service for all practices. In order to treat patients, hospital’s philosophy is ‘’sustainable development’’. As a patient oriented hospital, VIP rooms are provided for utmost comfort with the most accessible rooms for the patient.

Our doctors in this instution are ;

Prof. Dr. Safiye Yılmaz

Op. Dr. Serhat Buldur

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