Smyrna Dental Clinic

Smyrna Dental Clinic

Contracted Institution

Smyrna Dental Health Polyclinic offers dental treatments to the patients with high quality and hygiene standards. Thanks to the attention of dentists to hygiene and details, they keep the patients’ satisfaction at the highest level. While satisfaction of the patients is prioritized during the treatment, it is also aimed that patients can undergo the treatments without discomfort. The dentists and employees are so friendly that even patients who have dental phobia are treated in the most comfortable way.

The Polyclinic aims to achieve the most successful result and patient satisfaction in this field. A human and medical ethics-oriented working approach and respect for the dentistry profession form the basis of the corporate culture of the clinic. Dentists evaluating each case in their own supervision determine the best treatment plan for each patient according to their needs by adhering to current treatment methods and scientific techniques. In addition to health problems related to teeth and gum diseases, restorative and aesthetic treatments are performed to regain the patient's smile. Dentists, who are experts in smile design, create customized designs and choose the colors with the patient according to their oral and dental structure.

Our doctors in this institution are;

Dr. Dt. Çağlar Köcük

Dr. Dt. Yiğit Kaan Polat

Dr. Dt. Duran Odabaşıoğlu

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