Why you should have your nose surgery in Turkey?


Why you should have your nose surgery in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty, or as commonly known as nose surgery, can be done not only for cosmetic reasons but also improve breathing difficulties and fixing problems that mightcome after an accident. The purpose of nose aesthetics is to correct the nose shape according to the patient’s face shape and structural features in a most appropriate way without damaging nose functions. For this reason, the consultation phase plays an important role since the operation requires a whole study for both visual and functional areas for a natural look.

The Success of Nose Surgeries in Turkey

Head of European Association of Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Nazım Çerkeş mentioned that Turkey is the most successful country in the world when it comes to nose surgery. This fact is not only accepted by Turks and but also by foreigner doctors to. Besides having a good medical education system which raises successful doctors, having different types of noses that have problems regarding shape and health as Turks, surgeons have a lot of experiences. Successful results of surgeries, the success of our doctors in international platforms made Turkey center of the rhinoplasty. Moreover, attentive care before and after the surgery, high quality of service, modern and clean hospitals with affordable prices bring thousands of patients from UK, Canada, Australia and the Middle East to Turkey each year. Due to its beautiful atmosphere and weather, İzmir ranks first among the patient’s preferences.

What about aftercare?

One of the most asked questions regarding nose surgery is aftercare routine. Patients generally do not have pain however some patients might experience minor pain. In this case, painkillers can be applied. Postoperative nasal obstruction observed in patients for up to two days after the surgery. This might cause constant dryness in patient’s throat due to breathing from their mouth. During this period, plenty of liquid should be consumed. To avoid edema, the patient should be lying in a flat position on high pillows for 15 days. In open surgery, a suture is made on the tip of the nose. These stitches are taken under the control of the surgeon after a week. After this stage, a tape is attached to your nose which will be removed after a week. During the recovery period, patients should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes since they do not allow tissue regeneration.

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May 24, 2022

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