Why Brazilian Butt Lift?


Why Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazillian buttlift is the new black. With the recent changes in sense of beauty, reshaping and enhancing the size of the buttocks has become the new trend partially thanks to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj. But why this particular plastic surgery has overcome butt implants and also has become one of the most performed operation with an increase of %115 since 2000s?

Butt implant is the origin of giving your rear the desired contour, shape and fullness. In this procedure incisions are made between the butt cheeks and artificial device is placed to give your buttocks the wanted size. Even though its success is proven, there are some downsides of this procedure. The artificial device placed is either saline or silicone just like in breast implants. In case of an erruption, the material in the implants may leak into the body and cause danger in health and unwanted aftereffect in view resulting in a second operation to fix the situation.

Whereas in Brazillian Buttlift, there is no such a risk since it does not involve a manufactured substance in your body. In BBL, your own body fat is used to give your rear the desired look! Have you ever thought losing the weight in the right places and gaining in the right place? This is exactly what this is. You will be getting rid of unwanted fat from your body such as hips or abdomen. The fat tissue from other parts of your body is taken and then injected back to your buttocks. And because it is your own fat, there is no risks such as leaking or rejection of the implant. Another bright side of BBL is that while butt implant leave a scar, you won’t have any scars because it is only done with injections. You’ll only have barely noticable marks on your injection area, that’s all.

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May 23, 2022

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