What is Otoplasty?


What is Otoplasty?


  Otoplasty is cosmetic surgery to alter the size or shape of the ears, or pin them back if they stick out. Ear reshaping (otoplasty) alters ear shape to remove the appearance of protruding ears, and specialized treatments may help improve ear abnormalities. It also helps to reduce the appearance of a thick neck or a double chin.This is why RealSelf gives otoplasty operations a 96 percent worth-it rating. It is most commonly performed on children and early teenagers, but it can also be performed on adults.

Steps of Otoplasty

  A variety of different techniques and approaches may be used to reshape congenital prominence in the ears or to restore damaged ears. Each individual seeking otoplasty is unique both in terms of the appearance of their ears and expectations for results following otoplasty surgery.

  A plastic surgeon or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon can perform an otoplasty under local or general anaesthesia. It usually entails the following: 

  • Exposing the ear cartilage by creating a tiny cut behind the ear 
  • Stitching the back of the ear to reshape or place it closer to the head
  • Removing small bits of cartilage if necessary

After Otoplasty

  Otoplasty procedures normally take 1 to 2 hours. You'll be able to go home the same day if a local anesthetic is administered. Otoplasty is unable to alter or spoil hearing.

  In most circumstances, you may anticipate to be out of commission for at least 6 weeks after your otoplasty procedure. In just 2 or 3 weeks, though, you'll see considerable improvements in the look of your ears.

  The ears may be tender and sensitive to touch for up to 12 months following surgery. Some post-operative discomfort should be expected. Any discomfort is usually controlled with medications, which will be provided.

  To help your ears heal in their new position and protect them from infection, you may need to wrap a bandage around your head. Your ears should keep their new appearance for the rest of your life if you follow our guidelines following the operation.

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