What is expecting you after Liposuction?


What is expecting you after Liposuction?

  In people who do not have weight problems such as obesity but have lubrication that cannot be eliminated by regional slimming methods, the surgical methods applied to remove the excess fat tissue and give the body a better shape are called Liposuction. Liposuction is one of the most preferred fat removal methods. Liposuction is performed with a special vacuum or special injectors in order to remove fat from the body by absorbing fat deposits in certain parts of the body. So, is only liposuction just enough?

  The actual journey starts after the operation. Many people just go back to their daily habits thinking that only the surgery will be enough for them to remain this new look. No, that is not the right way to think. After the Lipo operation, there is a garment that the patients should wear for at least 4 weeks. The garment, which is also called Liposuction corset, helps you to get a better shape. The longer the corset is used, the better results you'll get. The use of corsets is as important as the successful application of liposuction surgery, fat removal surgery, and laser lipolysis. If it is a successful application and a corset is not used, good results are not observed.

  Because of the post-operation edema, many patients think that liposuction did not provide any results after their operation. When the edema starts disappearing, the actual result can be seen. Nearly complete results are visible within 6 months. If there is a lot of fat on the inner thigh, lower leg, and upper arm, the result is immediately noticeable. If it is less, it becomes difficult to evaluate as a result of swelling that occurs the next day. In these regions, it is more appropriate to make an evaluation after 6 months.

  In order to the new body shape you have gained after the surgery, away from sugar-sweet and pastries; It is recommended to shape your life with a diet containing protein, fruits and vegetables, grains, and less fat. In addition, exercises should be done regularly. A liposuction operation does not prevent you from gaining weight.

  This single operation will motivate you to have a healthy life from the day you have your surgery. So why don't you start now? We are waiting for you in İzmir! Contact our medical consultant to get further information about the operations! It is never late for a healthier and younger look!


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Aug 25, 2022

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