Weight Loss Surgery: An Insight Into What They Are


Weight Loss Surgery: An Insight Into What They Are

  Carrying around more weight than your body needs can be punishing as it can also damage your health irreversibly. Most of the time, people with obesity have a number of serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, cholesterol. For long-term weight loss, you should be ready and motivated to make permanent changes in your lifestyle and health habits. You can try to lose weight by limiting the number of calories you take in and control your diet. Besides, exercising to burn extra calories is always recommended because combining exercise with a goal-oriented diet is the most effective way. 

  But what if you tried all those methods and still losing weight seems impossible and you feel like you have a long way to go? In that case, you can start considering weight loss surgery options for long term, durable weight loss.

  When it comes to weight loss surgeries, there are so many options such as gastric botox, gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass. Even though all those options can seem overwhelming at first, this actually gives everyone with different goals a chance to find the best treatment for them with the help of our team and doctors and finally see the result they were struggling to see all their life.

  Suppose that you do not qualify for a bariatric surgery because your Body Mass Index (BMI) is not suitable for it. In that case, gastric botox might be an option for you! This procedure is performed endoscopically in 20-30 minutes without spending a night at the hospital. The purpose of the procedure is to block muscle contraction by injecting botox on the stomach wall. This will help you digest your food slowly and make you feel full for longer periods.

  We can say that gastric balloon has a similar purpose with gastric botox, however their procedure is quite different. A balloon is placed in stomach endoscopically and helps you to get full earlier and prevent overeating by taking up space in the stomach. The balloon remains for 6 months or a year before being removed.

  With gastric sleeve (also known as Sleeve gastrectomy), the surgeon will remove about 80 percent of your stomach, and the remaining pouch will still have all the functions of a normal stomach, therefore while feeling easily full, you’ll also be losing weight rapidly due to the new size of your stomach. Gastric sleeve is minimally invasive and done laparoscopically (key hole surgery) with small incisions. 

  In our clinic, gastric bypass is also performed laparoscopically - making sure that this procedure will be easy on your body as much as possible. With this operation, our bariatric surgeon will create a small stomach pouch and will attach this pouch to the middle of your small intestines. This way, most of the stomach will be bypassed, decreasing the amount of calories absorbed and processed in the body. This physical change will greatly decreases the amount of food you can consume. 

  Regardless of the weight loss operation, one thing they have in common is, they will cause a positive change in your body - you will feel lighter, and health problems caused by excess weight will deteriorate. If you suffer from diabetes, losing weight will help balance your blood sugar, if you suffer from knee joint pains, shedding the excess weight will help you lead a more active and healthy life.

  If you are ready to make this change for the better, please contact our clinic for professional consultation and assistance.


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May 18, 2022

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