The Path to Natural & Desired Breasts


The Path to Natural & Desired Breasts

By the great achievement in plastic surgery techniques in recent times, women are now able to decide their breast size and shape. 

Breast implant, also known as boob job, breast enlargement or breast augmentation is one of the most demanded plastic surgery procedure basically bringing breasts to desired size and symmetry by the help of implants placed in chest area.

Here are some details about this procedure you may wish to know; 

  • Usually silicone and saline material implants prefered by surgeons for this procedure but since saline carries leakage risks and not as durable as silicone, silicone material is used most commonly. 
  • Breast size is decided according to surgeon's opinion and your body frame. 
  • Implants can be placed above or below muscle tissue but the second one is more suggested as implants settle better under muscle tissue.
  • Incisions can be made under the breast, around nipple, through armpit or on belly button but the first one is the most common way since it leaves no visible scar.
  • Round shape and tear shape implants are used for this surgery. Tear shape looks more natural but round shape can be also prefered as it does not make a defect if it turns inside.
  • Surgery lasts around 1 hour and it performed with general anesthesia.
  • The period that you will experience the most discomfort is first 24 hours after operation. In three days, you can go back to work but to fully recover, longer rest recommended.
  • Bra or any underwear shouldn’t be worn for 6 weeks.
  • Breasts will need some time period to recover and get used to their new shape and size.
If you are not happy with your breast size, breast implants can be the solution you look for! 

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May 24, 2022

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