The Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty


The Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty

The Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Whenever a facial plastic surgeon performs a rhinoplasty procedure, the surgery should be tailored to the patient’s anatomy and preferences. This involves careful consideration of each patient’s skin type, skin thickness, bone structure, nasal tip position, and all the other facial features. It also means considering the gender of the patient.

If you consider the differences between male and female rhinoplasty, it takes special skill and expertise apply the best approaches to reshape the nose and improve both internal function and external features in one operation. Facial plastic surgeons are specially trained to perform the most difficult rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty procedures.

The Anatomical Differences

There are some essential differences between male and female anatomy that affect a facial plastic surgeon’s approach to rhinoplasty.

Men tend to have thicker, oilier skin which can be harder to sculpt. Male noses tend to be more prominent, whereas women usually prefer a more delicate nose with shorter tip. A petite overly sculpted nose would not suit most male faces. The ethnicity of the patient may also determine the ideal size and shape of the desired nose. Thicker skin often presents greater challenges for the aesthetic rhinoplasty surgeon.

These differences lead to unique approaches to the way we skin drapes over the underlying structures of the nose during the rhinoplasty procedure. There is no singe approach to rhinoplasty that should be used for all patients. Rather, an expert surgeon will perform a comprehensive examination and consultation with each patient to form a treatment plan to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Range of Aesthetic Goals

Men and women also have very different aesthetic goals when it comes to rhinoplasty. A larger male nose and dominant chin and jawline are often perceived as a sign of masculinity. Men often prefer a more distinctive appearance to the nose with a wider dorsum or bridge. Women tend to prefer a more delicate appearance to the nose with a thinner bridge to bring out their eyes, lips and cheekbones. A subtle upward angle at the tip of the nose tends to bring out more feminine facial features.

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May 24, 2022

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