Telescopic Crowns: How They Work?


Telescopic Crowns: How They Work?

Telescopic Crowns

The telescopic bridge or prosthesis is a dual support (teeth and gum) removable covering reconstruction made to fit your natural teeth and gum areas in order to replace teeth missing. Several of the advantages of telescopic overdenture include the avoidance of bone loss, esthetic value, improved speech (compared to other forms of dentures), proper alignment of the jaw, and enhanced chewing capacity. The telescopic denture consists of the main crowns or caps constructed of precious or non-precious dental metals which are cemented on the teeth.

Lower Follow-Up Costs

The likelihood that a patient can hold all teeth 10 years following placement is 80 per cent. The double crown telescope device is a flexible and effective way to achieve the long-term reconstruction of the slightly edentulous jaw. Placement and removal of dentures and daily oral hygiene are simple to perform, even in patients with reduced manual dexterity. As a complete-arch restoration, the crown denture telescope provides easy adjustment, modification and relining at low cost of follow-up.

Similar to the use of fixed-implant-supported dentures, this treatment style also results in a more esthetically appealing outcome, a better access to oral hygiene and requires a lower number of implants to be used.

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May 20, 2022

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