Teeth Whitening Safety Tips


Teeth Whitening Safety Tips

For a number of causes, teeth can get stained or discolored. If you like them to be brighter and whiter you may do it easily. There is more than one option for you to choose. For whitening procedures, you may visit your dentist, and ask which one would be right for you. Though some side effects may result from teeth whitening, the majority of the existing whitening procedures are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions of your dentist. In the past, higher doses of chlorine used in in-office procedure resulted in increased sensitivity. Nowadays, however, bleaching gels are well buffered, making sensitivity less of a concern. Sensitivity can occur in people following a whitening session, especially when they eat hot or cold food, but typically fades after 48 hours.

See Your Dentist First

Get a competent mouth and cleaning examination. You will require a good cleaning to begin with. During the examination, your dentist will also look for cavities and evaluate the gums' condition. Treating any issues before whitening is better for your teeth.

Follow Directions

Don't keep the strips or gels longer than recommended — you could end up with swollen gums and put yourself in a position for other issues. After whitening, avoid coffee, sports drinks, or other acidic fluids for a few days to protect your teeth.

After teeth whitening You should use sensitivity toothpaste. Sensitivity toothpastes are made with components such as potassium nitrate to alleviate discomfort associated with tooth sensitivity. You may consider chewing gum. Scientists have discovered that more saliva is released while chewing gum. And the action of chewing will relieve people from the discomfort. You should avoid whitening for a while.

When you should avoid teeth whitening?

  • If you’re pregnant or breast feeding,
  • If you have periodontal gum disease,
  • If you already have crowns placed.

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May 24, 2022

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