Reveal of New Smile: Medlife Group - E-Max Veener


Reveal of New Smile: Medlife Group - E-Max Veener

  Recently, health tourism has become so popular as you can see almost on every social media platform.   


  Today, i would like to talk about E-Max veneers briefly. E-Max veneers are thin shells bonded on front surface of the teeth to redesign your smile. A bit like a fake nail that is placed over your fingernails, but much stronger! E-Max Veneers are made of E-Max material. It’s also known as “Hollywood Smile”.  

 Veneers are usually suitable for those patients who already have straight teeth and but wish to change the shape or size of them. There's more than that, you can choose the shade of your E-Max Veneer from our color chart. We always try to offer the best options to our patients.

  When it comes to location, i’d like to talk about İzmir little bit.  İzmir is called ‘’pearl of Aegean’’ and I think getting a new smile in lovely İzmir is privilege! The hotels that we provide are city center hotels with sea view. You can enjoy wonderful sunsets here!    

  Lastly, let me explain how our system works. When you leave an inquiry for E-Max Veneers, one of our medical consultants gets in touch with you. According to the assessment of our dentistry team, we prepare a treatment plan for you. 

   In the event you book your treatment with us, our operation team reaches you regarding accommodation, dates and other details. While you’re here for treatment, our colleagues in field team accompany you. Even when you fly back after your procedure, you’re regularly checked by our after-care team.   

  You can consider Medlife Group as your second family. So what are you waiting for joining our family?! :)

  Medlife Group in other words advance in wellness

  Büşra Medical Consultant

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May 18, 2022

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