Outcomes of Gastric Band


Outcomes of Gastric Band

Gastric Band is one of the most effective weight loss operations in bariatry. Patients who has gastric band surgery has a high success rate of losing weight. That is an operation which adds a silicon band on the top of the stomach to control eating disorders to prevent overeating of patients. Gastric band is not only gives patients fullness feeling, but also reduces the size of the stomach too, so in a long term patients are having a positive outcome of the both anatomical and mental. Gastric Band surgery in the UK is pretty expensive, however, as a result of the success rate and the low cost for the high tier Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey become more popular day by day.

As told above, gastric band surgery has 2 outcomes for people who are planning to lose weight. You will eat less due to size, and you will feel full quickly because there is a silicon band in your stomach. Since that is a minor gastric operation in comparison of gastric sleeve. The band must be supported by a strict diet in the first stage as it is expected to reduce stomach size in the first phase. The average outcome of this surgery is to lose 35% , 45% of the total weight. This is why this surgery is suggested to patients who need beyond gastric balloon surgery but less than gastric sleeve. If you support your gastric band with a diet and strict exercising, you will get the positive result as early as possible. After the Gastric Band Surgery, you will stay in the hospital overnight and if you feel well enough, you can freely go home to rest for a week. You will need to follow your dieticians’ diet to have great results and get slimmed quickly.

The best part of having a gastric band surgery in Turkey is , you are limitless to eat food. However, you will feel full and uncomfortable when you overeat, so that will stop you eating extra food and you will start losing weight. As mentioned above, before having a gastric band operation, be realistic to yourself: this operation will end up successful with your efforts on diets and exercises. Gastric band will provide maket his weight losing stage faster and more permanent as most of the people who are losing weight have the same common problem of losing the weight temporarily.

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May 24, 2022

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