How to Minimize Tummy Tuck Scars


How to Minimize Tummy Tuck Scars

Tummy Tuck is the best option for people who suffer from a genetic predisposition towards loose skin. It is the surgical removal of excess skin or fat deposits from the abdomen, along with the re positioning of abdomen muscles into a tighter formation. This bodily enhancement procedure is designed for those who wish to have a flatter and tighter stomach. Once you have undergone the surgery, you will look forward to your results. However, one thing that worries everyone is how to deal with scars. As with most surgeries tummy tuck will result in scars. But these are barely perceptible and will fade away with time. They are often hidden by the panty line and are not easily notice. However, if you want, you can minimize its total effects by following the given instruction. 

Follow the instruction

Pay attenyion to your surgeon’s instruction. Allow your body to cover naturally. Your surgeon who performs the procedure knows your case and will give you the best advice on healing and caring for your newly enhanced body. This is help your body heal faster and have less scaring. 

Stay away from sun

Recently healing skin can be more vulnerable to sun damage and hyper pigmentation. If you have recently had your tummy tuck, the temptation to show off your results is high. Exposing your body to sun so early is not advisable. This can deepen the scars instead of lightening them. Avoid sun for a few weeks as much as you can. 


Your skin needs hydration to heal. However, you should consult to your surgeon before using cosmetic products on your body. Using any kind of make up or products on your skin before it heals can lead to inflammation or infect. Once you are permitted, you can use moisturizer to keep your skin supple and smooth. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to keep your skin hydrated. However, you must avoid alcohol or smoking for quite some time.

Confining clothes and Unsafe products

Confining clothes and Unsafe products are an invitation for infection. Your skin need to heal and for proper healing it needs to breathe. Using products or wearing confining clothes increases the chance of infection, this will give rise to a host of problems along with additional scarring. 

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May 24, 2022

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