Health Tourism in Turkey


Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism isn't new. Since ancient Greek times, patients have traveled to receive care for their conditions. Health tourism varies from medical healthcare in that it includes commuting from one's place of residence to a different city or region for healthcare. At the crossing point of East and West, Turkey's health industry has been going through a thorough transformation. Together with constant quality improvements, independence, improvement and extension are the keys to this efficient and effective change.

Turkey is in the leading 10 in the world's health market, with its healthcare services and tourist efficiency promise as a center for health tourism. Heavily established health tourism. Throughout 2017 Turkey welcomed 700,000 tourists for health tourism. Turkey is now one of the health tourism destinations with the most famous. Turkey's hospitals today deliver the world's most innovative medical services and equipment. In addition to being technically innovative in the area of medical services, health tourism in Turkey has other benefits in leading role.

The major explanations why Turkey is selected as a medical location are:

• clinics and well-equipped clinics approved by JCI,

• high standard clinical care,

• reasonable prices

• hospitality and culture,

• urban, ecological, historical and tourist attractions

Given the level of skilled human capital, particularly in medical professionals, as well as the geographical position, seasonal advantages, standard of health facilities, world-class technical and medical equipment, up to 60% of the desirable price advantage compared to other countries, Turkey is the first place to think regarding health tourism.

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May 20, 2022

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