Everything about Dental Implants


Everything about Dental Implants

What dental implants actually are?

Not being able to use your own natural teeth anymore can be one of the worst struggle in human life.

Dentures are mostly uncomfortable and far from replacing real teeth feeling. 

In the circumstances today, dentists assume dental implants are the most proper formula for missing teeth. 

In this article, you’ll find out what dental implants actually are and what are the treatment methods. 

Dental Implants are basically aritificial tooth roots which placed on jaw bone. There are different materials used for implants but commonly used ones are ‘’titanium’’ (as it’s durable) and  very recently ‘’zirconium’’

There are different implant treatment methods depending on patients condition and missing teeth number.

In such cases where patient has only few teeth missing, implant plus crown treatment suggested. (crowns are the artificial teeth that installed on implants) 

But when missing teeth number is high, ‘’all on four’’ or ‘’all on six’’ treatments step in.

 ‘’All on four’’ is a treatment method used when patient’s missing teeth number is high and full restoration needed.

Four implants are placed on one jaw, then twelve crowns are installed on them. Thus, replacement for the entire upper and / or lower jaw can be achieved. 

‘’All on six’’ treatment is a very similar procedure. The only difference is implant and crown numbers.

In such circumstances where patient has a wide jaw structure, six implants and fourteen crowns may be required. 

In all these treatments, healing time after implants placed is 3-4 months as implants should fuse well and recover within this period.

If you’re suffering from your missing teeth, dental implant treatment can be your way out.

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May 24, 2022

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