Can Old Dental Crowns Be Replaced?


Can Old Dental Crowns Be Replaced?

The answer is most probably yes in most cases.

Dental crowns are fantastic for rebuilding weak or damaged natural teeth. Crowns provide complete coverage and support on all sides, and with good care can last for several decades. There are times, however, when a dental crown needs to be replaced. If only the crown itself has experience of the replacement may be easy and simple and include simply repeating the original crowning process of the tooth. If the loss of the former crown is combined with structural damage to the tooth (it has cracked, now has significant decay, etc ...), it may or may not be possible to make a new crown. It actually depends on how much sound tooth structure the dentist has left to deal with. Replacing a dental crown is most likely to happen in the following situations:

  • The old crown is cracked or broken.
  • The old crown is discolored or no longer matches the adjacent teeth
  • The degradation of the tooth was formed along the edges of the crown.

In general, the operation begins with the removal of the old crown in preparation for the new crown. It is very unusual that an old crown can be rescued or repurposed, as it will usually have to be cut into parts as it is removed from the tooth. For your convenience, your tooth and gum tissue will be numbed with a local anesthetic throughout this operation. With the old crown discarded, a new crown will be fitted for the existing tooth structure.

The tooth might need to be carefully reconstructed and the dentist may make an impression of the tooth to measure the size of the tooth. When the final porcelain or gold crown is prepared, it is permanently cemented to the tooth and polished to perfection. Usually, the method for replacing the existing dental crown is as plain as the initial crown-making process.

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May 23, 2022

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