5 Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift


5 Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift

1. What’s the difference with breast augmentation?

Breast operations are the most common plastic surgery types that is performed throughtout the years. But still, despite it’s popularity, it is a common mistake to confuse breast uplift with breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is simply adding volume with your breasts with an implant. It’s main aim is to give your breasts a fuller shape and change the size with a silicone or saline implant. Whereas in mastopexy (breast uplift), the surgeon elevates the entire breast to give its youth back.

Breast uplift is considered a more complex procedure when compared to breast augmentation. Breast implant patients always talk about how easy and comfortable procedure it is, breast uplift differs from augmentation in many ways. You should discuss with your doctor whether to use an implant along with uplift - in some cases it is recommended for a better result. 

2. Can you still breast feed after breast uplift?

Yes. You have decided to have breast uplift operation to gain your self-confidence back and you shouldn’t regret it. It might be the best choice you made and you’ll be very pleased with the resulsts. This happiness shouldn’t affect your future either. If you are planning on having a baby after the procedure, breast feeding won’t be a problem. In breast uplift, none of your breast tissue is removed. It only gathers up your breasts to it’s youthful contour. Only the excessive skin is removed which has nothing to do with breast feeding or milk ducts. You will be able to breast feed your newborn freely. 

3. Will I have scars after breast uplift surgery?

Scars are unevitable results of any surgery and it is very common. Like in any surgery, you’ll have scars from your breast uplift operation too. But thanks to new developments, scars are concealable. You will have scars around your nipples, down to breast and along the underside of your breasts. But the scars will fade away in time (they won’t fade away completely!) but they won’t be visible when you wear a bra or bikini.

4. How long does the recovery take?

This is a though question since everyone’s body and metabolism is different. It is very crucial to take care of yourself the following days of your surgery. You shouldn’t lie in bed for days! You should be up and moving to accelerate the recovery progress. Some patients recover very quickly and they are ready to go back to their normal way of life 2 weeks post-operation. This may change upon your habits and body response. You should give yourself some time to adjust your body to the new you and be patient!

5. Are you a good candidate for breast uplift operation?

There are many reasons why you might need breast uplift. With the aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gaining weight, losing weight, genetics and gravity one’s breast may lose its elasticity and become saggy. Every woman’s body has its unique features and pace of aging.  If you noticed loose skin on your breasts, your nipples are facing downwards, upper portion of your breasts lost its volume and your breasts lost its volume once it had, you are a perfect candidate for breast uplift.

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May 23, 2022

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