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Smyrna Dental


Our clinic was established to make high quality dental health services accessible.

We are aware of the critical importance of hygiene when it comes to dentistry. With this awareness, we apply high-level sterilization and disinfection at international standards in our clinics. In our clinics you feel yourself in the comfort of your home. In this, besides the relaxing positive effect of the space design, the friendly service concept that we adopt as a principle also plays a role. Smyrna Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic aims the most successful result and patient satisfaction in dentistry. An understanding of work focused on human and medical ethics and respect for the dentistry profession form the basis of the institutional culture of Smyrna Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. For this reason, our clinics have experienced dentists, who aim to have a high level of professional competence by following up-to-date approaches. Even if there is the slightest hesitation, our specialist physicians examine the case scientifically on our case discussion platform. After this platform, where different opinions are expressed, the most accurate treatment method is clarified.

We evaluate each patient with different dental problems who apply to us and offer the most suitable dental treatment service for him. You can review our services section to see the treatment options we offer. In addition to the health problems you experience with your teeth, we also have aesthetic and protective treatments. We aim to offer you the most successful healthcare service in the dental field with our experienced specialist physicians, our comfortable clinic that fully complies with hygiene standards, and our latest technology equipment. It is our greatest source of happiness to see the smiling faces of our patients after treatment in our clinic located in Bayraklı, the developing face of Izmir.

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