Dr. Türker Üstün

Dr. Türker Üstün

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Operator Doctor Türker Üstün was born in 1978. He graduated from Celal Bayar University in 2002 as first of his class and started working in Duzce Hospital to complete his compulsory service. Right after completion of his compulsory service, he started his specialization on reconstructive and esthetic surgery. During his specialization period, he was worked privately in cosmetic surgery clinics in order to better himself and become a master of his craft. Following, he started his service in Izmir, as an expert of plastic surgery. He is specialized in crucial operations ranging from face operations such as rhinoplasty, facelift; to body operations like breast implants, tummy tuck and liposuction. His knowledge of these surgeries’ methods and his outstanding outcomes and positive feedbacks from his patients internationally has gained him reputation as a young and successful plastic surgeon.

Since he outstandingly expertized himself in every field of Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery, Dr. Türker has had many patients from all corners of the world; Asia, Europe, North America and more, as well as his local patients. His communication skills with foreign patients and his friendly approach has led him to understand his patient’s cases better and create results according to his patient’s needs as well as their wanted outcome with natural look as his philosophy. Although he has really crucial articles about his reconstructive and esthetic surgery methods as it can reflect his academic and theoretical background, his success rate on operations indicates his practical knowledge and success too. Giving importance to his research and acedemic life is another reason why Dr. Türker has succeed much in a short period of time.

Op. Dr. Üstün, who has an international reputation on cosmetic surgery field which was deservedly gained with international patients who have been seeking to reach their dream look in Turkey with Medlife Group.

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